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someone's piece of crap.

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Welcome to OBJET D'ART!

     Objet d'art is _fusillade's graphics journal, wherein you can see all her work of arts, may it be

lousy, pretty, or crappy to you, she still claims it as her object of art. You can use

everything you see in this journal (otherwise stated) but you must give proper credits and

never claim them as yours. I guess, also, that it isn't too much to ask if you comment when

taking. You can also post a comment to just say what you think about the graphic(s) made.

Uhh, what else..Know what? I think I should've made this a community, whaddya think? HAHA.

What's done is done. Ah! Requests are also welcome, but please understand if I don't have

enough time to finish your requests. Just patience, cherie. Err--I think that's all. LOL.

♥ Heaps of love, ma chere. :D



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Much love, _fusillade